AAMS will use various instructional approaches, including, but not limited to the  Multidisciplinary Curriculum will allow teachers the opportunity to use multiple techniques and strategies geared toward ensuring that the overall educational philosophy is conducive to the student demographic. AAMS seeks to service an at-risk population of student s who may have varying academic achievement levels, therefore, requiring the strong instructional capabilities of qualified personnel. Anderson Academy’s curricular focus of mathematics and science, albeit important, the ability of the instructors to reach successfully the proposed student demographic will be essential.
The implementation of a strong school culture with cohesive student, parent, and staff by in will be important to the success of AAMS reaching its vision of increasing academic achievement.  The school wide focus of discipline through a creative and enriching academic atmosphere will be developed and incorporated throughout the regular school day as well as in the morning and after school programs as well. The entire staff will focus on creating a school culture favorable to improving the achievement level of at-risk students while maintaining a structured and disciplined, yet enjoyable learning atmosphere.
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