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NSU Alumni Spotlight: FCE Distinguished Alums Open a School for At Risk Youth in Las Vegas


Husband and wife team hope to fix education for at-risk youth, and ESAs are the key


Black Students Matter




As important as dedication, perseverance, and love is to the teaching profession, intelligence, intestinal fortitude, and spiritual development have been my most prized traits. These strengths have been significant to my lifelong commitment to my people.

Ziandra Green and her daughters attending AAMS is the ultimate example of what was once known as the Village Concept. Our relationship began some (20) years ago as I was her 5th-grade teacher.

When she contacted me two years ago about Anderson Academy of Mathematics and Science she told Dr. Anderson and I her goals for her two children. Ziandra, expressed to us in such an elegant manner how she wanted her daughters to not only be properly educated but also wanted them to know “who they are” and “where they come from.”

From that initial conversation two years ago up to this very moment, Ziandra and her daughters have been an incredible addition to the AAMS family. No matter what, Xyla and Xara Green continue to exemplify excellence, daily. Their academic and spiritual growth continues to be a beautiful transformation.

Breaking generational curses remains the foundation of AAMS’s philosophy.

The Green family in conjunction with AAMS is so proud and honored to continue the great work of our Ancestors.

Ziandra, thank you for your support and your incredibly smart and beautiful children.

Drs. Anderson

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