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Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

(Student-Teacher Ratio 10-1)

Instruction Provided by Drs. DaJuane & Tamara Anderson (Over 20 Years in education)


The educational philosophy and/or approach aligns with the school’s mission by reinforcing the AAMS Multidisciplinary & College Preparatory Curriculum. Anderson Academy’s curricular focus on mathematics and science, albeit important, the ability of the instructors to successfully reach the proposed student demographic will be essential. The implementation of a strong school culture with cohesive student, parent, and staff support will be important to the success of AAMS in reaching its vision of increasing academic achievement. The school-wide focus on discipline through a creative and enriching academic atmosphere will be developed and incorporated throughout the regular school day as well as in the morning and after-school programs as well. The entire staff will focus on creating a school culture favorable to improving the achievement level of students while maintaining a structured and disciplined, yet enjoyable learning atmosphere.


Anderson Academy of Mathematics and Science will focus on improving the academic performance of students by emphasizing mathematics and science in all subject areas while using differentiated instruction strategies to reach all students. AAMS will incorporate a Multidisciplinary Curriculum to assist with the varying achievement levels of those students who may enroll. This instructional approach will provide remedial or accelerated instruction to students who best fit their academic performance level. A Multidisciplinary Curriculum will allow students to work at their pace or level while building confidence and encouraging expansive learning. 


Students will receive an extensive evaluation or assessment, which will allow teachers to best meet their individual needs.  


The curriculum at AAMS includes all courses described in the Nevada Course of Study.


AAMS K-9th Grade Programs will include

  • Reading

  • Language Arts

  • Math (Twice a day)

  • Social Studies.

  • Science

  • Health

  • PE

  • Technology

  • Foreign Language

  • Specialties


All textbooks will be aligned with the state and national standards. AAMS uses McGraw Hill & Glencoe Textbooks for grades 1-9. McGraw-Hill Education, with its long history of providing the highest quality curriculum materials for educators.

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